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Don’t Hold Back Your Indian Food?

Indian food has a lot of varieties and famous for its diversity. we have a variety of food, Spices, grains, millets, and dishes. But a lot of people started categories Indian food as unhealthy because it is being linked to high sugar, spices, carbs, and cholesterol. Which they think is bad for health.

But traditional Indian food is not only healthy but tasty, Indian food which has a lot of health benefits like supports immunity, brain funtions and several health funtions in human body.

We have to realise that our ancestors have been eating well and living long for many hundreds of years without obsession or disease. They didn’t quite worry about including  oil in their food or replacing rice with oats.

They ate foods that were in season and available locally, and that gave them everything they needed. This is how our cuisine came into existence.

Indian cuisine is a result of thousands of years of experimentation.

Our ancestors tried and tested various foods to create the perfect mix of nutrients, energy and taste.

So, our very own cuisine has everything we need: protein, fat, carbs, vitamins, minerals and whatever else we need to thrive. So, all we need to do is eat per our cuisine. But with a few modifications.

Indian cuisine was designed for a different lifestyle. Life back then wasn’t as convenient as it is today, and physical work needed to be done to acquire basic needs. So, the way of eating was meant to sustain that kind of life -lots of activity, less pollution, less sitting, less processed foods, plenty of lifting and moving things around, 8+ hours of sleep etc.

So, what we need to do is to simply tweak our cuisine to match our current lifestyles. That’s it.

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